Zombies like pets, too!


Zombie Tyler, here again.

Winter is coming and that means that people will be staying inside more.  I really hate that.  It cuts down on my food supply.

Sometimes when I get a little hungry and depressed I can find a stray cat or dog to chew on.  It’s not that bad.  Tastes like chicken.

So, finally, my EX-friend, Mr. Security, has a product I can agree with.  It’s this pet blinker thingy that you attach to your pet’s collar.  I like it because my vision isn’t so good at night anymore since I have only one good eye left.

Well, anyway, when people attach these blinking lights to their dog’s or cat’s collar it is supposed to make it easier for cars to see them at night.  It blinks on and off in a bunch of different colors and looks really cool.

Ok, so there are pros and cons to this.  When the cars can’t see your pet and run them over it makes it easier for me to grab a quick snack on some roadkill or even a distraught motorist!!!  Bonus points for me.  The con is that these blinking lights make it easier for cars to avoid hitting your pet, but they also make it easier for me to see them at night.  That makes hunting a little better with my one good eye.  Pros and cons all around.  In the end, if everybody had one of these pet blinkers on their dog or cat it wouldn’t wreck my day.  Now, if all the owners had one on when they were out at night, that would really do it for me.

So, here is my advice…buy two of these thingys, one for you and one for your dog.  It will keep you from getting hit by cars.  Spend a lot of time walking your pet at night, especially when its really dark.

Hey, I’m just saying…do a hungry zombie a favor.

Zombie tip of the Day: The Pros and Cons of Living in rural areas and the cities


Living in Rural areas:

The benefits of living in small towns and farm areas are smaller zombie population, higher chance of finding hunting equipment, and areas to grow crops in relative safety. Farm Country does not have the high numbers of people like the big cities, which allows fewer people to become infected. Many people in these areas hunt so they would most likely have a hunting rifle or shotgun, and there’ll be lots of gun shops with ammo. With the few zombies in the area and expanse fields and woods, rural places provide a place to settle down and make a farm to keep fed.

The disadvantages would be low supply of readily made food and other supplies that could be greatly depleted in short time, more people would have survived because of guns and ammo and maybe hostile,