The Walking Dead app

Have you seen the show ‘The Walking Dead’ yet?

Well, personally I don’t think it’s that funny.  I mean it shows all of my friends being killed (again) by these pathetic people attempting to avoid the unavoidable.  Luckily a few are turned into fellow zombies by my friends as well.  Sometimes we get to chow down on a nice plump one (buffet), but that’s getting off the subject.

And, now there is an app you can get in iTunes based on the show.  It shows you how to shoot zombies.  That really ticks me off!

I am officially asking all my followers to boycott the show, the game, and the app.  All my fellow zombies agree that it doesn’t present us in a favorable light and even though we are slowly winning the war, it gives people hope.  That can be very dangerous.

The end is inevitable.  People should just lay down and prepare to become lunch (or dinner).  It would save us all so much time and trouble.

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