Me, your hungry neighborhood Zombie


Me, your hungry neighborhood Zombie

Hello, My name is Tyler. Most commonly known as Tyler the Zombie. I like long walks on the beach, especially when it involves a meal. My favorite meal is the big intestines, not the brains you stereotypical bastards. I’m great with kids, both undead and soon to be. And I REALLY hate this guy named Survivor Sam; he goes around, re-killing my new friends when they’re just trying to make a second living in this man eat man world, that’s all. They didn’t hurt anybody, except his loved ones… and everyone else. Okay, fine, but that wasn’t there fault, blame the virus, not the zombie.

My friend Paul


My friend Paul

This is my good friend Paul. In his former life he wasn’t very fit so he didn’t stand much chance against my fellow zombies. He was chased out of a high school football game by a pack of other zombies and within not even half a mile he was caught and was gutted like a deer, plus some. Now-a-days, he spends his time in the second life shambling not far from his turning in the high school parking lot, chasing an animal every now and then, never catching them. Poor Paul, he needs a good living person to fill the hole in his gut, would you care to?

Check out this site…


I have this friend, Survivor Sam, (well he used to be a friend and neighbor until I got bitten by my girlfriend).

He really ticks me off, because he’s faster than me and I can’t catch him to eat his brain.

He posts all sorts of good information for ‘not-quite-zombie’ types like you on his new website.

Check it out –

He also has a blog, which really irritates me – Survivor Sam Blog.

If he doesn’t stop all the ‘goodie-two-shoes’ educational crap, I won’t have anyone to eat.

If you happen to see him, tackle him, tie him and wait for me to get there.


~Zombie Tyler