ZombieTylerTyler the Zombie is your expert about all things zombie.

Ask some questions about how to avoid becoming a zombie, how to avoid zombie mobs, zombie attacks, zombie infection.

Tyler the Zombie is here to help.

Oh, and by the way…Tyler used to have a good friend, Survivor Sam.

They were neighbors at one time, but since Tyler became a zombie, his ex-friend won’t return his calls.

Survivor Sam would rather hang around with “living” people like Master Randall from Matt Randall’s Black Belt Academy, Inc.

Tyler is currently in the process of trying to file charges of racism against all of these goodie-two-shoes.  Problem is he keeps biting his attorneys.  We will keep you posted on any new developments in the case.

If you want to contact Zombie Tyler to ask questions about zombie life or suggest topics, please use the form below.  Tyler loves to hear from new friends – living or undead.

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